Consumer Trends – The Return Of The Shopping List

We know that the shopping routine for many has changed in the last 3 months. But more importantly, how will these adaptations impact shopping behaviour going forward? Will they stick? Is one big grocery shop back on the long term cards?

Online deliveries

The recent pandemic has prompted many to order groceries online who would never have thought to do it before and now they’ve done it, for many, it’s a regular slot that is here to stay.

One big shop

76% said they are now doing one big grocery shop this up a 1/3 and many who used to shop around more will now stick to it going forward.

Bulk buying

Families may not be stockpiling anymore but a 1/3 said they are buying more groceries in bulk to last them longer and finding it convenient.


1/4 of people are ordering more supplies direct from brands and over 60% said they will continue to do so.

Keeping it local

Many households are now buying local for convenience & product quality but also to support local businesses.

Change is afoot and with less opportunity to be seen or heard it’s getting more difficult for brands to get on that weekly shopping list (and there is a rise in that physical grocery shopping list). Or be pestered by kids because they saw something they want in the shops or on a play date.

Harnessing the power of friends and family (who are keeping in touch more than ever), has never been more relevant and important and there are even more ways now to do so, via new channels and routines:

  • Video calling – friends and family, groups & classes
  • Closed social community groups e.g. slimming, sports clubs, baby or events
  • WhatsApp groups e.g. parents, local groups, streets
  • Social distancing get-togethers – gardens and parks
  • Community neighbourhood outreach – neighbours, schools, villages

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