Spreading the Word in the ‘New Normal’

How are people keeping in touch

It’s been an interesting 6 weeks in the world of word of mouth and sampling, our 45,000 strong base of Loopers have said they are now more connected with friends and family than they have ever been before!

So how have people been keeping in touch – what new ways of communicating have been formed? Below are some great examples we’ve heard:

Street WhatsApp groups – keeping in touch with grocery needs, tips, and recipes.

Virtual bedtime reading – where grandparents read their grandchildren a story – both having the book to keep connected.

Social Distancing Street parties – fliers distributed by the ‘alpha’ neighbour to state time and theme. The 75th VE celebrations being a big focus for next week.

Saturday Kitchen – where friends all cook the same recipe at the same time, chat, and compare outcomes and taste.

Weekly quiz – where families and friends take it in turns to host – drinking wine and eating nibbles at the same time.

Motivational Slimming and Exercise Groups – where the regular community group share stories, workouts, recipes, and weight via their Zoom group.

Pamper Parties – guys and gals coming together, face masks on and beauty essentials to hand.