Sharing Summer Tips with Friends

We asked our 45,000 Loopers about summertime inspiration and the most talked about products they share and recommend with friends and family. During the course of our research, we found that there were two hot topics of conversation.

Our research reveals two hot topics

1. BBQ and summer dining inspiration

A flicker of sunshine and we are out  – many of us look to try new foods and drink in the summer months and are looking for the tastiest recommendations.

So what is on the list and what will people be sharing and asking for in 2020:

  • Veggie or vegan meat alternatives for the bbq
  • Sauces to dip or marinade
  • Refreshing summer drinks
  • New recipes  – inspired by different cultures and countries
  • Healthy food and drink – so not to blow their syn allowance

2. Holidays and days out

Many of us ask for assurance or guidance as to what to take with us on days out or on holiday with the family. We want to ensure we maximise fun and ward of any hassle.  So what’s the most asked for recommendations:

  • Sun cream that will ensure a full day outdoors
  • The must-have books to read on the beach or on the way to a  destination
  • Where to eat, either high end or budget funThe handiest outdoor snacks for those long walks or picnics
  • Beauty essentials from the best hair care to the most reliable deodorant

It’s not just the ‘what’ but the ‘where and when’ people are most likely to share recommendations and trial new products this summer.

These are the top 3 summer sharing occasions

  1. At bbq’s with friends and family
  2. At local summer events e.g. local fair
  3. Via their sporting or community groups e.g. football doo or walking group

So if you’d like to get in on every day recommending and sharing of your products via your target market this summer we can get you there. We are always happy to provide ideas and inspiration, from drink sampling to experiential marketing, we can help so please do get in touch.