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Loopers get access to products to share with their friends, family and their wider social circle.

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Become a looper

We are always on the lookout for well-connected people who love to share great finds with their friends and family. Would you like to get your hands on free stuff, be the person in the know on new stuff and have interesting things to talk to your social circles about?

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How we work


Look to see if we have a project that’s right for you. If it’s something you like the look of answer a few questions about your connections and what makes you right for this project.


If you’re chosen we’ll get in touch and send you some lovely loot from the brand you’re spreading the word about. It’ll contain everything you need to know plus some great goodies.


Start telling others about the product. Pass on your experience and get them in the loop where it feels natural for you - with the guys at work, parents at the school gates or friends at your fitness class.