The Loop Testers Code of Conduct


There are certain guidelines that must be followed when talking about a brand or product, whether to your friends, colleagues or people you do not know.  These rules are put in place by the government and other organisations, part of their role it is to ensure that the public are not misled or misguided by companies or individuals.  The Loop follows these guidelines and so must you when involved in a campaign.   

Below is a summary of the do’s and do not’s of spreading the word.  Please read these carefully along with the briefing sheet you will be receiving.  If there is anything you are not sure of just email or phone Loop

Being honest and truthful

We only want you to tell your friends, colleagues and other people you normally connect with your honest views when spreading the word about things that you think are hopefully really good and they should know about.  Therefore, the most important things are:

  • Never lie or be dishonest about what you are spreading the word about.
  • Be yourself, never try to be something or someone you are not.
  • If there is an aspect of Kiddylicious product or the experience that you do not like let us know and we will pass this information back to the client.
  • Have a good time and enjoy yourself.

Consent Statement

This ensures you have read the Code of Conduct and understand the guidelines, which you must abide by to be part of the spreading the word campaign.