83% of people say they trust the recommendations of friends and family most.

Harnessing the influential power of real people

We tap into those trusted networks to cut through the noise, use the power of people to engage with your audience, increase awareness and sales.

Each campaign is bespoke, reaching out to our 45,000 strong Looper base to find your target audience and working with them to generate real, authentic and trusted conversations.

Loopers are fully briefed on their tasks and once they receive their bespoke packs they begin spreading the word. Reaching out to their natural networks on and offline.

How we work

Marketing Loop

Loopers hand out products and spread the word about why they love your brand or product, in their own trusted words to their friends, family and networks. Conversations that highlight benefits, offers, and real honest opinions.

Evidence Loop

Throughout the campaign, our Loopers capture the moments when they share samples and or opinions. Photos from their workplace or group, screenshots of their closed and open online activity. All the places they have chosen to spread the word about the product or products.

Feedback Loop

As each campaign closes, we reach out to all the Loopers recruited to spread the word and gather insight on what they think about a product, plus what their networks think. We look at propensity to repurchase as well as suggestions and builds.