How Your Audience Is Communicating During Lockdown, March 2020

Adapting Friends & Family Communications

So in these unusual and unprecedented times, we wanted to know how households were adapting, communicating and making purchase decisions. So we connected with our large base of Loopers to see what changes were afoot.

1. Communities coming together even more

The local ‘out and about’ groups matter and are adapting online. Where before people may have moaned about getting up early for the gym or they didn’t have time to go to their class, they now crave their group connections. Overall 20% of group leaders, whether baby sensory classes, local fitness groups or book clubs are making even more of an effort to run activities via Zoom or set up Facebook groups to keep connecting with their members.

2. ‘Personal Social’ is really important

It’s probably obvious that people at this time are turning online but it’s the using social tools to connect at a more personal and closed level that is increasing even more. There are creating more Whatsapp groups, having more Facetimes, Zoom chats and friends and family Houseparty games. They are sharing YouTube videos, recipes on Instagram and words of encouragement via their new WhatsApp groups to their inner and friendship circles.

3. Communicating with Friends and Family more than they ever have

It’s not just how people are adapting their connections but the frequency of those connections that’s changed. Many people are valuing their chats with their nearest and dearest and speaking and videoing them more than ever (3 times more per day). Also, they are reaching out to past friends, rekindling old friendship groups and having deeper and more meaningful conversations.

4. Trust is key

People are telling us that with so many different communication channels, noise and news that they are asking for more guidance and recommendations from their inner circles. From what to buy, the best activities to do, recipes to make and top tips for films and books.

Overall, households and communities are adapting, learning and creating new routines that may be here for the long term but they also can’t wait to get back out and even the 9 am netball game is something they crave.

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