How do I sign up to become a looper?

Becoming a Looper couldn't be easier. Fill in the sign up form then watch out on our website, social media and your emails for new projects. You don't pay a penny to be a looper

What kind of people are you looking for to be Loopers?

Loopers come in all shapes and sizes and are located right across the UK. We’re always looking for well-connected people (mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandparents, singletons, couples, group members, etc.) who love sharing their opinions thoughts, experiences on products, and services with their friends in the community or on social media.

If I get chosen to take part in a project what would you love me to do?

Every project is different, you may not be perfect for every single project, but if you are lucky to be chosen you will get a clear guide on ways you can spread the word and distribute your samples and/or opinions. You will receive your box of Loot and/or a briefing guide, including helpful suggestions on how you can Loop. It is always straightforward and will fit in with what you naturally do. We never ask people to do go to places they wouldn't normally and always want Loopers to be natural.

Do I have to pay for products?

We never ask you to pay for products. For higher-priced items, we occasionally may ask for a deposit that we’ll return to you after the project is completed.

What kind of freebies can I get?

The freebies can be a real mix. You may get a box of Loot containing lots of stuff to share with your friends and family or one containing fewer items for you to keep and demonstrate to your friends and family.

Do I get anything else apart from freebies?

In the majority of our projects, you’ll also get the chance to win prizes as a reward for taking part – this is usually £100-500 in vouchers, depending on the size of the project.

Do I have to have social media accounts to get involved?

Nope, you can be well-connected in other ways. For example, you might be a member of the PTA, be a member of a running group, or be involved in local amateur dramatics. We just want real people, who would love to get involved in our spreading the word campaigns.