Consumer Trends – The Return Of The Shopping List

We know that the shopping routine for many has changed in the last 3 months. But more importantly, how will these adaptations impact shopping behaviour going forward? Will they stick? Is one big grocery shop back on the long term cards?

Online deliveries

The recent pandemic has prompted many to order groceries online who would never have thought to do it before and now they’ve done it, for many, it’s a regular slot that is here to stay.

One big shop

76% said they are now doing one big grocery shop this up a 1/3 and many who used to shop around more will now stick to it going forward.

Bulk buying

Families may not be stockpiling anymore but a 1/3 said they are buying more groceries in bulk to last them longer and finding it convenient.


1/4 of people are ordering more supplies direct from brands and over 60% said they will continue to do so.

Keeping it local

Many households are now buying local for convenience & product quality but also to support local businesses.

Change is afoot and with less opportunity to be seen or heard it’s getting more difficult for brands to get on that weekly shopping list (and there is a rise in that physical grocery shopping list). Or be pestered by kids because they saw something they want in the shops or on a play date.

Harnessing the power of friends and family (who are keeping in touch more than ever), has never been more relevant and important and there are even more ways now to do so, via new channels and routines:

  • Video calling – friends and family, groups & classes
  • Closed social community groups e.g. slimming, sports clubs, baby or events
  • WhatsApp groups e.g. parents, local groups, streets
  • Social distancing get-togethers – gardens and parks
  • Community neighbourhood outreach – neighbours, schools, villages

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Spreading the Word in the ‘New Normal’

How are people keeping in touch?

It’s been an interesting 6 weeks in the world of word of mouth and sampling, our 45,000 strong base of Loopers have said they are now more connected with friends and family than they have ever been before!

So how have people been keeping in touch during lockdown? What new ways of communicating have been formed?

Below are some great examples we’ve heard:

Street WhatsApp groups

Keeping in touch with grocery needs, tips, and recipes.

Virtual bedtime reading

Where grandparents read their grandchildren a story – both having the book to keep connected.

Social Distancing Street parties

Fliers distributed by the ‘alpha’ neighbour to state time and theme. The 75th VE celebrations being a big focus for next week.

Saturday Kitchen

Where friends all cook the same recipe at the same time, chat, and compare outcomes and taste.

Weekly quiz

Where families and friends take it in turns to host – drinking wine and eating nibbles at the same time.

Motivational Slimming and Exercise Groups

Where the regular community group share stories, workouts, recipes, and weight via their Zoom group.

Pamper Parties

Guys and gals coming together, face masks on and beauty essentials to hand.

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Loopers in Lockdown – Changes in Consumer Behaviour & Habits

During lockdown households are adjusting and adapting, creating new routines and habits and finding new ways to communicate. Read on for some insights into consumer habits and behaviour changes during lockdown.

We’ve had a month in lockdown and households are adjusting and adapting, creating new routines and habits, using new communication technology and engaging locally, and within their community, like never before.

Research shows it only takes 66 days to form a habit so many of these new positive habits and communication channels, for many, will be here to stay.

So, how can brands harness these new habits and ensure they are communicating and marketing to their target consumers in the most engaging way.

We asked our base of 45,000 Loopers what content they want to see from brands at the moment:

  • To create positive content 62%
  • To share how brands are supporting their staff and customers 60%
  • To provide a sense of continuity and normality 50%
  • To provide suggestions and tips 48%

We are also hearing of a surge in community and local support and communication from the formation of new street Whatsapp groups, local baby support groups on Zoom, recipes, and cooking tips shared via Facebook, to scheduled fitness classes from the local dance teacher.

Over 90% are using Whatsapp more than ever, doubling the number of groups and 60% are using Zoom for the very first time.

We know how important it is for brands to still be at the forefront of consumer’s minds, so we have developed 4 new ways to spread the word (see table above) and hand out samples and encourage trial with your target audience. Helping you cut through the noise and build loyalty.

At get in The Loop, we harness the trusted word of mouth of peers, neighbours, and family – getting your product to the heart of the community.

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