5 Post-Lockdown Marketing Trends

As lockdown restriction ease we are seeing the overused ‘new normal’ appear more and more.  A new normal that brings with it new behaviours, new routines that provide numerous marketing opportunities for brands, offering ways to step in and help.

Here are a handful of lockdown easing trends that are begging for brands to support.

1. Lunchbox love

As schools start to return, the majority of schools are advising families to send their children in with their own lunch, and Loopers are also telling us that of those who have returned to a workplace, a huge percentage are deciding to take their lunch with them. Creating an opportunity for bread makers, snack manufacturers, and drinks brands.

2. The staycation is not going away

Along with spending time getting refunds for travel plans that won’t be happening anytime soon, people are planning and executing staycation ‘events’. Time well spent at home with social distancing friends and family. Choosing to BBQ more (weather permitting), investing in outdoor activities (anything from Nerf Water Guns to Bubble Pools).  Loopers are also sharing stories of outdoor area renovations, new garden furniture, plants, and paint jobs.

3. Breakfast returns to the menu

As the routine of going to a place of work or getting children up and ready for a school day returns, so does the need for breakfast.  Lockdown has allowed for brunch to move outside of a weekend treat along with cooked breakfasts. Now with routines once more returning, the staples of old appear once more.  Everything from tea and toast, to cereal and yogurt.

4. Beauty is back

If we are honest our beauty regimes have taken a bit of a back seat over recent weeks.  Some of us (me) finding PJs way too comfortable.  With more of us venturing out, the needs for make-up, moisturiser, and hair products have returned.

5. The snack attack

Loopers are telling us that Lockdown has increased their grazing habit, finding them wishing the treat cupboard or the fridge had been locked down.  Healthy snacks are now being talked about and chosen to replace the ‘treats’.  As people look to be healthier and to get ‘back in shape’.